Guide on Tailgate Light Duty Lorry Transportation Rental Service in Malaysia 

Guide on Tailgate Light Duty Lorry Transportation Rental Service in Malaysia 

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Light duty lorry is a commercial vehicle for light cargo transportation with a capacity ranging from 1 to 3 tonnes. Light-duty lorry with tailgate or tail lift mechanism is popular in Malaysia’s transportation rental market. Tailgate lorries are widely used for transporting goods due to the hydraulic platform. The tail lift platform can be raised and lowered during the loading and unloading of cargo, reducing the difficulty of handling heavy goods.

At Newbie Mover, we offer rental lorry moving services in Malaysia with specific weight-carrying capacities based on your transportation needs. If you are moving small household items, such as home decor, furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, cleaning supplies, home organization storage boxes, and more, a 1-tonne lorry is your ideal choice.

If you plan to move your piano or safe box, a tailgate 3-tonne lorry will be your better solution. A 3-tonne lorry with a tailgate platform can quickly load and unload heavier cargo, such as a piano and safe box.

There are three factors to consider when deciding on the types of lorries for rental transportation services across Malaysia: the distances to your relocation destinations and the weight and volume of your cargo. Depending on these three criteria, you can select the appropriate lorry type to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your goods.

Light-duty lorries are applicable in various local transportation and delivery services, including home moving, office moving, transporting goods for business purposes, distributing goods to different outlets or customers, and more. If you are moving to a new house or commercial office, consider renting a tail-lift lorry with us to reduce your moving burden.

If you are an event planner, you may need to engage our lorry transportation rental service in Malaysia. To ensure a smooth setup, a tailgate light-duty lorry will be your ideal solution when delivering the materials and decoration items to your event places. 

In addition, if you are a manufacturer or wholesaler, you should also consider our rental lorry moving service for the smooth and efficient distribution of your goods or products from your warehouses to various outlets or directly into the hands of your customers.

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